Gender, diversity and cultural studies


Gender, diversity and cultural studies

Where: The Quadrangle, Latin 2 S225


Are you interested in how we understand ourselves, others and our place in the world? Find out how a major in cultural studies at the University of Sydney will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the forms and meanings of everyday life. You will explore questions of identity, meaning, and power; and engage critically with issues such as popular culture, media, and globalisation. During this lecture, you will also learn about gender studies and diversity studies. The major in gender studies involves the study of how sex and gender are understood and lived. It provides an important framework for considering a wide range of social issues, including marriage equality, gendered forms of labour and race. A minor is also available in diversity studies, offering students from many disciplines an applied understanding of cultural diversity and an important framework for future work in social justice and policy within a variety of professions. Learn about how to address and consider the experiences of diverse groups, including Indigenous peoples, migrants, people of colour, women, and those with non-normative sexualities or identities.

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